Chronological Curriculum Vitae

In chronological CVs, what is most emphasized is the job titles and professional experience that one has. Use a chronological CV when you do not have job gaps. It is also advantageous when you have a positive career progress and are following a particular career line. You don’t need to include personal details such as marital status and minor qualifications you have attained. A chronological CV lists professional qualifications beginning from the first to the most recent job position one has held. 

Sample Chronological Curriculum Vitae

Edward Lewis Harper

1 Odinburg

Oxfordshire, PS5 9 KU

Telephone: 736 849 65483

Mobile: 748 940 3839


To be a dynamic Business Development Manager, who provides effective solutions to Business owners in a fast paced environment. 


2003: Business Studies Degree, Brunel University   

2006: MBA, Brunel University   


2005: Volunteer, Otter Trust  


  • Restoration and Conservation of environments throughout the UK
  • Engaging in campaigns to educate people on importance of conserving their environment
  • Organizing and carrying out advertising about cleaner production technologies.
  • Doing Public Relations to create positive environment for the organization with the public and other stakeholders

2006: Office Clerk, The Red Lion   


  • Customer Care- involved handling customer complaints and ensuring clients got personalized attention and delivery of services and products
  • Taking and making telephone calls for the organization
  • Filing of documents
  • Liaising and coordination between various departments

 2007: Business Development Manager, Andrew Brealey   


  • Ensuring that the organization meets its objectives
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of various business processes
  • Outsourcing of various services to other smaller organizations to encourage efficiency and cutting down of costs.
  • Creating an optimal staff modelling that meets the needs of the organization
  • Oversaw the creation of a new model advertising campaign for the Organization that saw the client base of the company grow substantially

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