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Every CV must be accompanied by a cover letter. This has to be carefully and thoughtfully done as it gives the employer a first hand impression of the candidate. Its content will lure the employer to read the resume and people must ensure that it focuses on the knowledge and skills the employer is looking for. The quality of a cover letter will determine if people will be called for interviews or not. Here is a sample;

John W Simone

49 Watson Road, Newham

London, UK

(44) 321 772 678

Ms Juliet Newman

Recruitment Manager

World Communications Center

London, UK

Dear Ms Newman

Vacancy SM 1342 – Sales Manager (UK Star, 07/12/09)

Your advertisement in the local dailies for the above caught my attention. I have always wanted to work under a similar role with an esteemed organization for experience purposes.

I feel that I have the relevant experience to execute the above owing to my excellent public relations, oral and interpersonal skills. I am client focused, a good listener and I meet the computer skills you listed. I am working under the same at Ultimate Technologies and this gives me a stable background for this job.

I possess a persuasion power that has led to increased sales. I have a network of key audiences which I owe to my writing skills that I have honed over the years and thus a wider market base. I have a strong aptitude in finances as my current job involves accounting. I look forward to an interview with you to discuss my suitability for this position.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

John W Simone



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