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The layout of your CV is very important. When applying for an employment vacancy, ensure that your CV is appealing enough that an employer might want to at least read the content. Ensure that you use the right font such as Verdana or Time New Roman and a font size that is legible. Also, use your sub headings appropriately and check out that the length of your CV is not too long or too short. You should follow a consistent layout, use bullet points and good quality paper. 

CV Layout Sample

Murphy Prince

54 Martha Road

Bridgnorth, Kent

GH 24 7 HT

Telephone 247 738 7383

Mobile: 738 648 8299



A highly competitive training consultant with 3 years experience in the Business world. Looking to deliver training solutions which will meet the need of the client and Business in a dynamic environment. 


2004: Masters in Business Management

2001: B.A in Political Science and Economics  


2005: Training Consultant


  • Managing 560 employees in a busy work environment in 15 departments within the company
  • Designing, organizing and delivering training services for employees of the company in sales and marketing and good public relations.
  • Carrying out recruitment of employees
  • Managing various major accounts
  • Presented paper on training workshop for Leaders

2007: Training Director, Hallcalm Ltd   


  • Offering consultancy services to wedding companies on customer attraction and retention
  • Negotiating contracts with clients and also with employees and ensuring beneficial pay packages for employees and good working environments
  • Managed major accounts for fortune 500 companies


  • Negotiated good working conditions
  • Organized an in house development program that facilitates induction of new employees
  • Trained interviewers on how to recruit and interview suitable candidates for job vacancies, and how to come up with a job description and attractive pay packages

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