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There are no specific qualifications for drivers. All you need to have is a valid driving license reflecting some years of driving experience. In cases of special vehicles such as trailers, tractors, fork lifts, and construction tractors, employers will look for more years of driving experience and experience with different vehicles especially large ones.

Drivers CVs should demonstrate reliability, honesty and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Employers and recruiters will be interested in any other qualifications and skills that applicants have in addition to their obvious driving skills.  Since the CV resume is the first thing that a potential employer comes into contact with it is very important to make sure that it is written as professionally as possible. Shown below is driver CV sample to help you write a better driver CV that will increase your chances of landing that job.

Sample Driver CV

Bernie Mackenzie

43rd Street

Place, State

Telephone No: 232 434 343

Mobile No: 34 354 54

Email Address: 

Career Objective:   

Licensed driver with experience in driving and controlling fork lifts and construction cranes; seeking employment as a driver in a construction company. The position should be in a construction company. The position should also include administrative duties as well as driving. Has five years experience as a mechanic.   

Educational Background:   

Diploma in Mechanics -Massachusetts University-2003 – 2005   

Certificate in Secretarial Studies- Secretarial College- 2001  

Professional Qualification: 

• Holder of valid driving license since 1998

• Holder of industrial vehicle driving license since 2002

Professional experience: 

2007 – 2008:   Mechanic and driver at Wales Construction Company     


• Drove and controlled fork lifts, cement mixers and bulldozers

• Maintained vehicles both industrial and small

• Inspected vehicles before their purchase

• Ran errands for the company

• Trained new drivers in the handling of fork lifts, cement mixers and bulldozers

Sept.2005 – 2006:  Administrative Assistant at Car and General            


• Filed and organized documents

• Typed minutes, letters, memos and reports

• Answered phone calls

• Received and assisted guests to the company

• Oversaw the circulation of memos and company documents to the intended recipients

• Scheduled appointments and meetings


• Secretary of the mechanics club at Massachusetts University

• Member of the organizing committee for the State Fair

• Member of the committee and board that runs the Wales Area Children’s Home

• Was appointed mechanic foreman at Wales construction within the first year of working at the company

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