English CV

English CV

Sales managers are charged with the responsibility of coming up with innovative services meant to enhance sales and monitor competitors dealing with similar services. A good English curriculum vitae should be able to exhibit skills relevant to the applied job. Below is a sample English resume that will prove helpful when applying for that elusive job:

Martin Kelvin Sanders

Georgia, Atlanta

23376-615 East Ville, Atlanta


Cell Phone: 817 817 0005

Career Objectives

Experienced sales manager with wide knowledge in the sales and marketing field is seeking a similar position in your organization. The wide experience in the sales world will be used to further boost the sales for the benefit of the organization.

Professional Experience

1998-2004: Sales manager at Georgia Fielders Limited


  • Involved in hiring, firing and training of employee in sales skills.
  • Established and maintained good customers’ relations as well as with fellow employees.
  • Actively involved in the training of sales personnel.
  • Preserved sales and developed return sales.

1994-1997:  Sales manager at Toy World Arkansas


  • Directed and assisted the sales personnel to sell as many toys as possible
  • Managed the marketing and advertising of new toys and demonstration on how they work to customers.
  • Directed and evaluated ongoing marketing strategies for dynamism and competitiveness edge.

Academic Qualifications

1989-1993: University of Georgia

Bachelor of Sales and Marketing

1986-1989: Georgia High School

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Awards and Achievements

Sales manager of the year (2000-2001)

Best student in University Georgia (1991-1992)


  • Fishing
  • Mountaineering
  • Socializing

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