Reverse Chronological CV

Most employers prefer the reverse chronological CV. This CV lists an individual’s professional qualifications starting from the most recent. What is emphasized is the job titles and responsibilities that highlight experience levels. This is to ensure that the prospective employee meets the right description for the job placement. A reverse chronological CV is especially advantageous if you have not had quite a number of achievements in your career yet. This type of CV is important if your career is progressing well within one industry. 

Sample Reverse Chronological CV

Michael Bennet

Drysdale 6472

Point Henry 537

Telephone Number: 647 739 8288

Mobile Number: 659 059 8728



A focused marketing manager, looking to secure a marketing job in an international trade organization. 


2003-2004: Masters in Business Administration, Missouri University, U.S 

2000-2003: Business Studies with emphasis on Sales and Marketing, Webster University, Geneva   


2005: Management Intern, Webster University, U.S 


  • Managed books of accounts and made cash deposits and withdrawals from the bank.
  • Created awareness about new products through managing various forms of advertising campaigns
  • Planning and distributing workloads within the office
  • Maintaining client databases using Microsoft Access

2006: Sales person, idRisk 


  • Selling insurance policies
  • Developing innovative solutions to unique client demands with sensitivity
  • Conducting door to door sales promotions from MD to small business enterprises
  • Working to meet monthly revenue projections
  • Planning and organizing events and  meetings
  • Planning and making sales and marketing brochures

2007: Sales and Marketing Executive, Mark Lane Consulting 


  • Offering Sales and Marketing Training to recruits
  • Offering personalized organizational coaching to individuals
  • Making sales visits to ensure maximum sales of company products and services
  • Writing advertising material
  • Organizing and holding sales workshops on a monthly basis
  • Motivational techniques for employees
  • Ensuring sales objectives and projected revenue is earned

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