Government Auditor CV

Government appoints auditor or accountant for creating budget, tracking the cost and analyzing publicly funded programs. Government auditor therefore helps in keeping track of all the expenditures and income done. So a candidate must have certain qualities highlighted in their CV while applying for the position of Government Auditor.

Sample Government Auditor CV

Nancy Luke

32, Birmingham Street

USA- 45678


Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to be a part of the audit department of a government organization, where I can best exercise my accounting strategies to make progress in the government.


Educational Qualifications:

2005- Bachelors in Accountancy, University of Philadelphia

2007- Masters in Accountancy, University of Philadelphia

2008 – Executive degree for working professionals in Business, University of Texas

Professional Experience:

2008: Worked as a research scholar in accountancy, University of Texas

2009-2010 Associated with International audit group of companies, a unit of government audit department.


  • Efficient in managing both internal and external audit process.
  • Completing all the assigned work on given time.
  • Capable of handling issues regarding all the accounts
  • Efficient in safeguarding the accounts and in preparing audit reports.
  • Efficient in returning all the files and documents for auditing at the end of every fiscal year.



  • First class degree in Graduation from the class of 2005, University of Philadelphia
  • Received best scholar award from the department of accountancy and finance, University of Texas.
  • Received degree of excellence from International audit group of companies, a unit of Government audit department.


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