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Competition for government jobs is very high as they are secure jobs. This means that recruiters will be going through hundreds of job government job CVs for every advertised government job. Your government job CV should therefore be well done to receive any notice from recruiters.

A well done government CV is well thought out. Knowledge about the position and the governmental organization to which you are applying are necessary. There are several areas within the government that you can apply for e.g. as an engineer, systems analyst, manager, human resource manager and a laboratory scientist amongst many others. Ensure that you meet all the qualifications set and your CV demonstrates this clearly.

Sample Government Jobs CV

Personal Details

Name:     Martin Smith

Address:    64 Nonsense Street


Telephone Number:   (04)742 0890

Age:    29 years

Career objective:

To contribute knowledge and skills in finance related areas with a particular emphasis on analysis, investment and management. To apply these in an environment in which these skills will be valued. To have and to create opportunities to improve and broaden skill set to ensure the continued value as an asset to colleagues and to the organization.

Educational Background


2000 to 2002

University:   Victoria University of Wellington

Course work:   Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Award:   B.Com (Finance and Administration)

High School Education

1996 to 1999

Spring Valley High School


Award:    Sixth Form Certificate


School Certificate

Vocational Experience

Nov 2002 to Feb 2002

Company: Electronics Ltd, Wellington

Position: Office Clerk

Duties included:

  • Assisting with inventory control
  • Handled telephone inquiries
  • Filed customer accounts.
  • Did general administrative work

Personal Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership skills
  • Captained my rugby team to the National Levels where they attained a number one position
  • Motivational and an Inspirational speaker

Organizational and planning skills

  • Demonstrated strong Organizational and planning skills.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Campaigned and got the Student Leadership position in University
  • Listened to and raised issues to the management concerning the students
  • Participated in tutorials and made presentations
  • Good team player
  • Member of the rugby team
  • Computer Literacy
  • Substantial experience in online research
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office products including Access, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experience in the use of desktop publishing packages including Microsoft Publisher and in website design using Dreamweaver and Optiweb
  • High level of keyboard proficiency and some data entry experience.

Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Captained the High School Rugby team
  • Fifth form representative of the School Council
  • Chairman of the Rugby Club

Hobbies and Interests

  • Enjoys extensive reading
  • Going to theatres
  • Watching Documentaries
  • I am actively involved in a number of sports for example cricket, netball, Rugby etc.

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