Acupuncturist CV

A person accomplished in the training of acupuncture and credentialed by a nationwide accrediting body is an acupuncturist. Thus an acupuncturist must have plenty of experience and sound knowledge while applying for a job. The CV of an acupuncturist must contain details of work experience as well as academic background along with his/her job objective.

Sample Acupuncturist CV

Anne Frank

32 New Street

New York


Phone number- 9876543234


Career objective

I wish to apply for the job of an acupuncturist as the job seems a perfect opportunity for me since I have relevant skill and knowledge in the area of acupuncture would like to aid the teeming millions with my knowledge.

Work experience

I am at present working as an Acupuncturist at Roland Health Centre in Texas where I have been developing my skills of acupuncture and building up knowledge over the last five years. My duties include

  • . Diagnosing indications, assessing persons’ histories, bringing forth the causative factors which might influence the signs like  diet, way of life along with their mental and emotional state
  • Determining areas of the human body for healing and administering needles according to the height of sensitisation necessary.

Career skills

The position of an acupuncturist has

  • improved my communication and hearing skills
  • increased my capability to diagnose multifaceted symptoms speedily and independently


Special awards

I am an honorary associate of the American Acupuncture Accreditation panel and have done various AAA standard courses in acupuncture.


Can be provided upon request.

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