Aroma Therapist CV

An aroma therapist is a person who provides various treatments to patient on the basis of aroma therapy which makes use of various aroma and special oils. The CV of Aroma Therapist must include the skills, education and past experience of the person who wish to apply for this post.

Sample Aroma therapist CV

Phoebe Geller

32 Manhattan west side



Phone number -2222 6543

Mobile number – 9876543234

Email id –

Career skills

My career skills as an experienced as well as skilled aroma therapist include:-

  • Using patient’s medical history to recognize the suitable combination of vital oils for better and effective treatment.
  • Putting together a combination of oils needed;
  • Effective in handling mass number of patients all at a time and providing them equal service.
  • Executing treatments by employing oils (usually started with therapeutic massage).

Special skills

I am a certified aroma therapist from the school of aromatherapy, New York. I am also an honorary member of the board.

Work experience

I was an aroma therapist for 5 years from 2002 to 2005 in Mark Total Health Centre, Texas. My job included:-

  • Suggesting a product to the client that has essential oils for the human skin, human body, and hair to help out in solving cosmetic problems.
  • Mixing selected vital oil with a large amount of a carrier oil to provide a curative massage.
  • Identifying the needs and prescribing correct aroma treatment.


Dr. A.P Joseph, Mark Total Health Care

Dr. Barbara Cruise, Aroma Therapist, Mark Total Health Care.

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