Clinical Psychologist CV

A clinical psychologist is one who works for the mental and emotional health of patients suffering with psychological problems. Some of the duties that a clinical psychologist fulfills are interview patients to identify kind of disorder, observes patients for response to situations, treats psychological disorders of all kinds, provides either therapy or medication according to the disorder being suffered by patient and lastly offers counseling sessions to solve problems of patients. A sample clinical psychologist CV is provided here under for the convenience of candidates seeking a similar job profile.

Sample Clinical Psychologist CV

                                  Clinical Psychologist CV

Roger Ion Watts

Address : #12, Alder shot, Hampshire, London, GU12

Email :

Phone: 180-1234-5678


Acquired Bachelor’s in psychology from Covenant University of London in the year 2008.

Completed High School from Xavier’s School of London in the year 2005.


Junior Psychologist, London Association of Mental Health, London (From 2008 till date): assess patient needs and fill out form, provide counseling to patient who visit the center with psychological problems, maintain clinical records of patients, observe behavior of patients to prescribe treatment appropriately, collect necessary personal information about patient in order to undertake research foe better diagnosis etc.


Very good listening skills.

Possess great understanding of human psychology and take an empathetic view when treating patients.

Capable of working in an amicable manner with other healthcare professionals.

Can face patient distress situations very well without any difficulty.

Capable of providing risk assessment and risk minimization for patients when necessary.

Can communicate very well even with most difficult patients to elicit information on hidden psychological influences faced by patients.


Dr. Joyce Miranda, Senior psychologist, London Association of mental health, #77, Broxburn, West Lothian, London, EH52, 023-456-7890

Mr. Robert Damon, Professor, Covenant University of London, #9, Derby, Derbyshire, London, DE22, 450-223-1111.


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