Dermatologist CV

A person who is proficient and skilled in the field of treating and curing skin related diseases and ailments is a dermatologist. He must have good knowledge in the field of skin physiology as well as pathology. The CV of a dermatologist hence has several details of his/her educational background, job objectives as well as his work experience.

Sample Dermatologist CV

Monica Geller

32 New York Road


Phone number- 9876543456


Educational background

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of science in dermatology from Texas University, Texas, 2000
  • Master of science in dermatopathology from new York university, 2002
  • I am also a member of American school of Dermatology


Professional Experience

I am working as a dermatologist in Flames nursing home, Texas since 2004. My job includes:
• Diagnosing and treating diseases of an individual’s skin.
• Examining a person’s skin to establish the nature of the disease, taking blood samples along with performance of laboratory procedures.
• Examining several specimens under the microscope.

I was also a dermatologist in Oblong Hospital, Texas from 2002 to 2004.My job included:-
• Examining a patient and ordering any essential diagnostic test.
• Discussing the skin’s state with the person under treatment.
• Developing a healing plan for the patient’s ailment.
• Treating contact dermatitis as well as other skin irritations.

Career skills

My skills include:-

  • Ability to provide preventative skin care
  • Proven skill in developing remedial methods to  improve skin
  • Good research skills in several fields of medicine


Dr. A.K Anthony, Senior Dermatologist, Oblong Hospital, Texas.

Dr. Susane Joseph, Dermatologist, Oblong Hospital, Texas.

Further References can be provided upon request.

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