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Health and safety insurance specialist is a person who determines credits and expenses on the occurrence of some medical violations or against risky procedures might affect the client’s health. And it’s similar to the normal insurance in practicalities. They work in harmony with medical care supervisors and legal affairs specialists.

Sample Health and safety CV Format

Mark Antony

58th Street




Mobile No: +43 647357568

Telephone No: +5457357767

Career Objective: To equip my communication, negotiation , and stress managements skills to occupy the profession of health and safety insurance specialist , and integrate my experience with the company’s on going career.

.Professional Experience:

Med INSU: 2006-2009: worked as a health insurance assistant

Med INSU: from 2009 and till now: working as health and insurance specialist

Health and safety Objectives:

  • To communicate with clients who want to sign a medical insurance document
  • To show all facilities made by the company
  • To show how the company differs from any other competitors in this field
  • To bargain with clients to get the least insurance possible.
  • To clarify all procedures must be taken from the client’s side
  • To keep up with the latest updates with the company’s information system.
  • To pay periodic visits to clients
  • To be able to work under pressure


2003-2006: BA of administration, Huston University


I was awarded the employee of the year in Med INSU in 2008


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