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Health care assistant is a person who assist patients as well doctors during the time of treatment. Their work is guided by the higher authorities or the physicians. They take care of all the primary duties assigned to them by the doctors and the authority of the health organization they are associated with. Therefore the candidate looking for a job position of health care assistant must highlight all his assisting qualities in his CV.

Sample Health Care Assistant CV

Kreg Peter

House no- 56, Street 13/1A

Northern Fortlane


Phone number: 68787899

Email id: Peterk @

Career Objective:

Looking for an interesting and challenging position of a health care assistant where I can exercise my previous experience for providing utmost assistant to the patients and physicians.

Educational Qualifications:

2000: Bachelors in Biological Science, University of Alaska

2002: vocational degree in nursing from Mother Mary nursing school, University Of Alaska.

Professional Experience:

2003- 2007: Worked as Surgery assistant at New genre Hospital, Alaska.

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Efficient in managing the billing procedures and insurance policies of the patients.
  • Efficient in handling patient’s contact, case files and appointment schedule
  • Capable of making patients understand regarding all the procedures they need to carry out for a proper treatment.
  • Skilled in taking X- rays, giving medicines and injections to the patients.
  • Efficient in carrying out all patient care duties as prescribed by the doctors in a timely manner.
  • Can handle multiple patients requirement and capable of accomplishing various programs within a short time.


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