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Healthcare CV is the official resume of a healthcare worker whose responsibilities and jobs are included in the domain of health services. The services do not restrict itself to medical check-up of patients only but also emphasise on the ethical facets of healthcare. Moral principles form the core of the profession no matter which echelon of job one belongs to. The CV should be thus developed only after complete assurance that one will be able to adhere to the moral grounds of work. As the market is sympathetic, a sound CV will make the job easier.

The CV must be made in a manner that it excavates the merits of the candidate pertaining to specific job fields such as accurate pathological testing of patients, medical investigation, invention of medicines, therapy and counselling of patients and their family members, study of aetiology, diagnostic procedures, safety awareness, sanitation programmes, diet, nursing, physiotherapy, discussion with alcoholics and drug abusers, looking after deranged patients I sanatoriums and experimental work.

The opinion of the employer can be laced with the following points in healthcare CV:

  • A detailed statement of one’s experiences
  • A detailed explanation of one’s training
  • A brief proclamation of one’s interest in the field

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