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Healthcare executives are responsible for provisioning and commissioning of healthcare via the management of a general practitioner, hospital or a community-based health services. A healthcare executive liaises with the non-clinical and clinical staff and various partner organisations, at the same time considering demands of the various federal and state regulations and emergent circumstances.

A healthcare executive may have to discharge various functions like clinical management, finance, procurement, facilities management, information management and procurement services. A Healthcare executive CV sample is given below for reference.

Healthcare Executive CV Sample

Harold Lang

48, Saw Avenue,

Milwaukee, 672198


Tel: 432-115-9876

Professional Experience

Harbour Hospital, California, 2003-Present

  • Implemented an executive work plan for built upon management priorities and also assigned staff responsibilities.
  • Coordinated executive team members and developed sales strategies.
  • Tracked costs and turnover ratio more successfully than ever and also identified potential problems.
  • Implemented various planning processes.

Springvale Multi-speciality Hospital, California, 2001-2003

  • Built a responsive and professional support team that reduced the reliance on temporary licensed staff.
  • Coordinated junior staff development, client support for delivering successes and job assignments.
  • Implemented the employee awards programme for eliciting the active involvement of clerical, service and clinical personnel. The programme was designed for increasing the morale of the staff
  • Took up certain work of the sales department for promoting the health schemes of the hospital.

Core Competencies

  • Program development
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Project implementation
  • Community involvement
  • Revenue and expense management
  • Regulatory/policy compliance
  • Inter-agency collaboration


  • John Hammond, Director, Rashmon University
  • Copper Ferlin, CEO, Harbour Hospital

Educational Qualification

  • MBA in Sales and Marketing, Rashmon University, Colombia
  • Bachelor or Arts in Economics, Clarendon College, Colombia
  • High School Diploma from St James School, Colombia

Hobbies and Interests

  • Swimming, Riding, Skating, Soccer, Reading
  • Also keen interest in medical developments

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