Homeopath CV

Homeopaths practise homeopathy which is a form of alternative medicines in which diluted preparations are used. The Homeopaths settle on the most suitable treatment for a patient based upon their symptoms. The CV of homeopath must include his educational background along with his work experience and career skills.

Sample Homeopath CV

Name: Robert Brown

Fathers Name: Jack Brown

Residential Address: 32 New Road, New York, USA

Phone number- 9876543234

Email- brown.rob@yahoo.com

Career skills

My career skills include:

  • communicating with the patients in order to create a detailed medical history comprising of mental, emotional and physical signs and traits;
  • using homeopathic cures to treat a wide range of conditions e.g. arthritis, fevers and eczema;
  • Examining each case to choose a remedy or group of remedies suitable for the individual.

Educational qualifications

  • I acquired a bachelor degree of homeopathy from New York Medical School in the year 2000
  • I got myself registered at the American Homeopath School in the year 2002.
  • I acquired a master’s degree in medicine from Harvard school of medicine in the year 2004

Work experience

I am working as a homeopath in Mark Healing Centre, New York from 2004 till date. My duties include the following:

 suggest the preventative measures and provide appropriate medicines to heal various diseases while considering the patient’s conditions.

 instruct the person concerned regarding the regular dosage and side-effects of medicines as well as exact remedies.

    making people aware on their problems related to nutrition, health care initials, intellectual health and suitable daily exercise.

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