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Massage Therapists are professionals who are skilled and trained in massage therapy for medicinal benefits. Massage therapy involves manipulation of muscles and soft tissues in the body and it’s used for several reasons.

Among the various reasons why massage therapy is done involves relaxation of the tired and overworked muscles, to treat pain that could be the result of various ailments. Massage therapy also aids in the rehab of athletic injuries and support the overall good health. All the skills and qualities of the candidate who wish to work in this position must be effectively mentioned in the massage therapist CV.

Massage Therapist CV Sample

Ellen Batfin, CMT

3457, Rogers Avenue,

Urban Berkeley,

New Jersey


Professional Experience

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Undergoing master’s degree in Chinese medicine with fieldwork and course training in anatomy, internal medicine, physiology, acupuncture, herbal treatment etc.
  • Adept and western and eastern nutrition.

Massage Therapist

  • Three years’ experience in Chinese, Swedish and Thai massage coupled with yoga and stretching.
  • Offering rejuvenating effects via Chinese medicine.

Herbal Healing


Chinese Massage


Swedish Massage

Thai-style Massage


Deep Tissue Healing Healing Work

Massage Therapist, Steve Health Studio, NJ

  • Guiding clients via releasing of stress, accident and work related injuries, muscle tension and other ailments.
  • Personalized sessions comprising unique soft tissue techniques and releasing of the superficial deep layers.

Massage Therapist, Mt. John Wellness Clinic, NJ

  • Deep tissue, Thai and Chinese massage to an average of 10-15 clients per day.
  • Taking classes on the benefits of massage on holistic healing.

Massage Instructor, Mt. John Wellness Clinic, NJ

  • Master instructor for children and young adults’ yoga classes.
  • Educator or traditional healing methods.

Ellen has earned superb skills as a masseur and can be called a master in the art of various massage techniques.

New Jersey Tribune Training & Certifications

Institute of Chinese Therapy and Medicine, Berkeley, NJ

Institute of Expressive Arts, Berkeley, NJ

Hobbies & Interests

Hiking, Backpacking, Cycling, Soccer

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