Nutritionist CV

A nutritionist provides dietary counselling to an individual upon referral by doctors as a part of a treatment. He or she also provides dietetic counselling depending upon the overall health of an individual. Therefore the CV of a nutritionist must have all sorts of details pertaining to education, past work experience as well as career skills.

Sample Nutritionist CV

Name: Richard Gere

Residential Address: 32 New Chest shire Road, New York USA

Phone Number- 9386320987

Email id –

Academic qualifications

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of Science from University Of Duke, USA in 1999
  • MS in nutrition from New York College in 2002

Work experience

I was a nutritionist for Oblong Health Home, USA from 2002 to 2005 where I had to perform the following duties:

  • Oversee and tutor on food intake of people with heart, diabetic and renal trouble and also manage and revise the food arrangement for weight loss or gain and post surgery plans.
  • Analyze patient’s nutritional needs; make plans in accordance to a proper nourishment of a sports’ person.
  • Consult with the cook for the preparation of healthy food.

I am working as a Nutritionist for Duke Nursing Home from 2005 till date my responsibilities include the following:

  • Supporting and controlling goings-on concerning food service.
  • Working with the practitioners regarding a patient’s needs with regards to food.


Dr. A. Joseph, Senior Nutritionist, Oblong Health Home

Dr. Angeline Jolie, Head Nutritionist, Duke Nursing Home

Further references can be provided upon request.

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