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A pediatrician is a doctor who is in charge of diagnosis and treatment of diseases pertaining to children. There are a lot of responsibilities that a pediatrician has to fulfill like examination of children for check on proper growth, provide advice to children and parents on health and disease prevention, diagnose ailments suffered by children, interpret clinical diagnostic reports for proper treatment of children etc. A pediatrician is a specialized job and therefore requires the CV to be in a professional format as given below is the sample pediatrician CV.

Sample Pediatrician CV

Stephen Harry

#77, Radstock, Avon, London, BA33

001-222-33334                                                                                                                email:


I want to take up practice in a leading children’s hospital that provides me with ample scope to display my medical skills as well as proficient diagnostic capabilities while treating children at the hospital.


Rainbow Children’s Hospital                                                                                      From 2008 till date

Junior Pediatrician

A Summary of key job functions that I have undertaken at the hospital include :-

Checking children who visit the hospital with health issues and ailments.

Prescribe medication to children according to the diagnosis

Provide child [patient records to hospital after complete updation of patient information

Provide emergency diagnosis and treatment to children suffering with acute health conditions


New city Children’s hospital, London

BS in Medicine (completed in 2003)


Hope Children’s Hospital

MS in Pediatrics (completed in 2008)


I possess good organizational skills that help me to work well in any work environment.

I am a good communicator that helps me to converse freely with parents as well as children.

Possess good understanding skills that help in diagnosis of ailments suffered by infants.

I am a good problem solver and that helps me to act fast in emergency situations in the hospital.




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