Physical Anthropology CV

A physical anthropologist studies the origin, development, behaviour and other allied factors of human beings. The physical anthropologist also studies the way of life, physical characteristics and language traits of people in various parts across the globe. Such professionals often engage in the systematic recovery and scrutiny of material evidence like potter and excavation from ancient civilizations and past cultures so as to determine their customs, history, living habits. A physical anthropologist CV must be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases its skill sets and qualifications in an effective manner.

Physical Anthropology CV Sample

Winston Law

234, West Street, California, USA


High School Diploma from Mary’s Senior School, California, June 2008

BA in Physical Anthropology, June 2011


Volunteer at the San Jose Raptor Center, 2009

  • Worked directly in rescuing birds and that included feeding, handling and giving basic the basic medical care.
  • Aided in the production of education and marketing materials.
  • Aided in upkeep and maintenance of the facility and disposal of the bio hazard materials.
  • Organization if the paperwork that includes the charting of the birding activities, medication and feeding.
  • Assisted in the public tours and education of the organization that included the supervision of children and school groups.

Assistant, Technology Transfer Services, 2009

  • Handled various complex internal filing systems of the intellectual property documentations.
  • Sorted various confidential paper works.

Administrative Assistant, Dept. of Population Health, 2009

  • Handled various administrative functions that included scanning slides, answering phones, sorting mail and disposing off the confidential documents.
  • Assisted in the maintenance of the department register in spreadsheets.
  • Organized and cleaned the laboratory space and also delivered the biological materials to respective Laboratories.


  • Member, US Mensa.
  • Dog breeder for the California Kennel Club.
  • Skilled in the handling and used of computer and software like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.
  • Superb internet research skills.
  • Amateur violin player, having played in festivals and fetes.

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