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Physical therapists are important personnel in the caregiver sector. They provide services that help in restoring the functions, giving relief from the pain, improving the mobility and also providing prevention from the disabilities among patients who are suffering from diseases or injuries. Their contribution towards the restoration of a patient’s health is immense. The physical therapist CV, hence, should comprise all professional achievements.

 Physical Therapist CV Sample

Kevin Albert

4545, East 12 Road, Carlisle, MA 01641. Phone (321)-6321122.


Acquiring the designation of physical therapist and working with the sports medicine or orthopedics department of a leading hospital and to go ahead to develop interest in manual therapeutics thereby achieving a strong and effective career foundation.


Hill Crest Mission Hospital, New Jersey (2000-present)

Working as a staff therapist and bearing the responsibility of handling the management of outpatient department as also supervising and monitoring all the aides. Also contributing as a clinical instructor of students of baccalaureate and graduate standards. Have experience in working with leading neurosurgeons so as to prepare a workout regime for patients of the post-operative back fusion.

St. Anthony Memorial Hospital, New Jersey (1997-2000)

Ensuring that a comprehensive outpatient and inpatient physical therapeutics care is discharged for the patients. Worked in the home care sector, sports medicine clinic and similar departments. Also conducted Cybex evaluations at various levels, besides managing the patients admitted to the multiple-trauma and burn departments.

Holy Cross Hospital, New Jersey (1993-1997)

Worked as an assistant to the senior physical therapist. Helped patients to realize their recovery needs.


Received the B. Sc. degree in Neuroscience and Animal Physiology from the University of Rochester in 1993.


• Member of The US Physical Therapy Association

• Member of the US Heart Association with the basic CPR certification.

• Member of the National Association of Physiotherapists.


The information that I have furnished in the above paragraphs are true and I can produce credentials of my qualifications as and when demanded.

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