Psychiatrist CV

The medical specialty of psychiatry is devoted to the treatment and understanding of mental disorders. The job of a psychiatrist is to treat mental disorders in human beings with diagnostic evaluation and psychotherapy. Hence certain qualities must be present in the candidate applying for the post of a psychiatrist and these should be reflected in the CV of a psychiatrist.

Sample Psychiatrist Cv

Personal Details:

Name -Joan Brand win

Age -28

Address -45/7 spatial villas, Caribbean springs New Orleans-67

Phone Number -5567 6678873

Mobile -33 67 876543

E-Mail –

Career Objective

As a psychiatrist, I want to help in the study and research of very rare and intricate mental disorders, which have hampered the normal functionality of several patients worldwide. I want to find, detect, diagnose and treat those several many mental disorders with the use of my skill, knowledge and expertise.

Educational Background:

2007- PhD in Neurosciences with specialization in psychometrics, Tulanel University

2003- Masters in child and adolescent psychiatry with specialization in behavioral medicine, Break University

2002-Bachelors in Biological psychiatry specializing in developmental disability, Leeraz University


1)   Worked as a research assistant to Dr.Smith in year 2004 on ‘Imaging Genetics’.

2)   Worked as a junior research assistant to Prof. Gerald Hathaway in year 2002 on ‘Neuropsychiatry’.

3)   Worked as a part time junior professor in Leeraz University.

4)   Worked in the society for human welfare and development in year 2005.

5)   Worked under Dr. Johns and Dr. Mclean in year 2002 on ‘Geriatric psychiatry and Cognitive disorders’


1) Became youngest member of the American Psychiatry Association in 2007.

2) Gold Medalist in Biological Psychiatry in 2002.

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