A Hotel Clerk CV

A hotel clerk is responsible for wide array of duties like registering and assigning room to guests, storing and maintaining customer information, making and answering phone calls, drafting mails and resolving queries. Hotel clerks need to give directions to the guests and make recommendations as per the needs of the customer. They should have good interpersonal and communication skills as they need to interact with different types of people.

They need to maintain important records such as the pickup guest register, guest history, date wise room reservation report, billing records etc. They also need to be very well organized and systematic in their approach. The below given sample of a hotel clerk CV highlights on those skills which will help one get a job in this field.

Sample Hotel Clerk CV

Hotel Clerk CV

Name – J.W Thomas

Profile :

A dedicated, hardworking and self-driven individual with a work experience of more than five years in the hotel industry.

Personal details :

Address – 678,Martin Burn Road

7/9 C Broadway Mansion, New York – 6904-2358

Contact Number – 979-728-2684

E mail id- thomas_j@gmail.com

Date of birth – 23.09.1988

Gender : Male

Marital status : Single

Languages known: English, French, Spanish.

Skills and Expertise:

  • I have got good organizational and management skills.
  • I am capable of multi-tasking.
  • I have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Education & Training :

  • 2007- Done Schooling from The Holy Palace, Texas
  • 2010 – Graduated from the Sheffield University, New Jersey.

Work Experience :

  • June 2012 – Present: Presently working as a Hotel Clerk at Hotel New York International, New York.
  • May 2011-May 2012 – Worked as a hotel clerk at Samantha International, Colorado


I am a sincere worker and a fast learner with a positive attitude. I hereby declare that all above mentioned details are true to my knowledge.

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