A Hotel Executive Assistant Manager CV

A hotel executive assistant manager is responsible for maintaining coordination between all departments of the hotel. They manage and control the day to day operations such as room reservations, party booking, banquet booking, bill settlement etc.

They also need to handle customer complaints and see to it that the problems are resolved by the hotel staff. They should be very organized and should be capable of multi-tasking. A hotel executive assistant manager needs to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This sample of a hotel front office manager CV highlights those skills which will help one get a job in this field.

Sample Hotel Executive Assistant Manager CV

Personal details :

Name – H.W Morrison

Address – 345,St. Peters Church Road

3/2 A Bradley Mansion, New Jersey – 6674-2358

Contact Number – 989-722-2384

E mail id- morrison_h@gmail.com

Date of birth – 08.09.1986

Gender : Male

Marital status : Married

Skills and Expertise:

  • I have got excellent problem- solving and decision making skills.
  • I am capable of multi-tasking.
  • I have got good organizational and management skills.
  • I have good knowledge in computers and I am familiar with word processing software such as Word, Excel etc.
  • I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Education & Training :

2003-2006 :

Studied Business Management from the Sheffield University, New Jersey.

2006-2008 :

Studied Hotel & Hospitality Management from the Union College, Tucson.

Work Experience :

  • May 2008-May 2009 – Worked as a intern at Hotel Regency, Colorado
  • June 2009 – Feb 2011- worked as an Assistant Manager at Hotel Down Town, New York
  • March 2011 – Present: working as an Executive Assistant Manager at Hotel Blue Bird International, New York.


I am a sincere worker and a fast learner with a positive attitude. I hereby declare that all above mentioned details are true to my knowledge.

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