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As an associate events organizer you have to be willing to do all that the event planner asks of you. This is because as the secretary you get to do the work and run the errands that the calendar planner cannot do when dealing with the major details of the execution of the event as a whole.   Here is a sample assistant event planner resume to help you come up with yours.

Sample Assistant Event Planner Resume Template

Rose Bailey

24 Great Chapel Street

London, W1F 8FS

Mobile: +44 (0)20 7287 6282

Career Objective

I am a university graduate seeking the opportunity to apply the skills I have acquired in school to earn some experience by working under a highly experienced event planner.

Professional Experience

I have worked as a volunteer as an assistant event planner at the university. But I possess no prior work experience.


  • Decide what tasks need to be done.
  • Writing and sending out of the invitations.
  • Assisting the event planner with the selection of the human resource body.
  • Planning all areas of an event before any can be carried out.
  • Perform most of the clerical duties.

Educational Background

2006 – 2008: BA Degree in Hospitality Management at The University of Worcester London.


  • Becoming the assistant events organiser.
  • The University diligence award.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Swimming.
  • Making friends.
  • Attending top level planning and management seminars in different parts of the world


The names of the referees shall be made available upon request by the organization.

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