Butler CV

When preparing a butler’s CV, you should consider the various duties of butlers and present them in the most polished manner in the resume. You should look at the duties of a butler such as provision of highly personalized, meticulous and flawless service to guests. You should portray yourself as a person who can cater for guests’ needs in the most proficient manner and in position to offer services that go beyond guests’ expectations.

Sample Butler Resume Template

William Rooney

20 Strip Street

West Borough

London, England


Mobile No: +44 575 742 303

Telephone No: +44 3733 8680

Career Objective

A dedicated butler with three years of experience working as a part-timer in various restaurants and resorts in London. Seeking long-term full time employment.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2008: Committed part-time butler as Oakwood Resort, Flame Tree Restaurant and Marvels Resort.


  • Receiving guests.
  • Running household tasks for the management and the guests
  • Overseeing service vendors.
  • Making travel plans for guests
  • Upholding household security.
  • Assisting in cooking as well as serving meals and drinks to guests.
  • Arranging tables for serving of meals.
  • Assisting in planning household budgets.
  • Ensuring that wine cellars are well stocked.
  • Facilitating in general valet services.
  • Managing supplies in secondary dwellings for guests
  • Supervising junior staff
  • Checking maintenance programs for facilities such as planes, boats, and skiing boots.
  • Assisting in housekeeping duties.

Educational Background

2003 – 2005: Diploma in Catering- Braeburn College of Hospitality Management


Winner of Best Caterer award at Braeburn College of Hospitality Management


  • Swimming
  • Skiing


Referees’ contacts can be made available if need arises

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