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The captain of a ship runs the show, He is the head honcho and all heads, be they cabin managers, bar managers, head engineer, answer to him. His work is to issue instructions and receive constant updates on the goings on in the ship. He is familiar with the waters and knows which measures to take, where to navigate the ship and how to sort out any issue that the cruise ship may come across.

Sample Captain Resume Format

Capt. Fred Hernandez

56 Newport Cove

Ball House 5689


Mobile No: +1 55 77 777

Telephone No: +1 70 75 353

Career Objective

Navigate the entire world’s seas, travel the world and see and make friends with many people from diverse world cultures.

Professional Experience

2003 – 2009: Captain           Santa Ana


  • Chart new coordinates for the cruise ship
  • Manage the lifeboats and yachts that are on board
  • Supervise the care being accorded all the passengers of the cruise ship
  • Maintain security and ensure the emergency unit is always on alert
  • Ensure that the ship is in constant communication with Ground support.
  • Resolve cruise ship management problems
  • Issue daily schedules for all crew

Educational Background

1997 – 1999: The U.S Navy

1994 – 1996: Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Computers and Statistics              Mt. Montpellier University, Lyon


Additional Skills

  • Computer Proficiency
  • Computerized Cruise line Navigation System expert
  • Deep sea diving instructor
  • Management Skills
  • Bomb expert
  • Lifesaver

Hobbies and Interests

Deep sea diving, Swimming, surfing, Traveling, Writing journals


Details can be made available if need arises.

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