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An event organizer is an individual who is responsible for organizing various events and works in an event management company or owns one.  The various kinds of events organized by an  event organizer includes exhibitions, fair, marriages, business conferences and seminars, promotions, social events, product launches, festivals, fund raising programs etc. The CV of an event organizer should highlight his work experience in an event management company and his ability to do multi tasking in order to manage all the aspects of an event.

Sample Event Organizer CV

Name: Edward Hughman

Father’s name: Jack Hughman

Date of birth: 10th of November 1985

Residential address: 2356 Martin Luther King Street, New York, New Jersey 5234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 234 98924

Mobile number: 44 974 95768

Email : edward@gmail.com

Languages known: English, French, Latin and Australian

Nationality: Australian

Marital Status: Single

Career Objectives

  • To be one of the best event organizers and gain expertise in organizing all kinds of events.
  • To do smart work to organize events with economical budget with interesting themes.





  • Excellent negotiable skills.
  • Good at multi tasking.
  • Good problem solving skill
  • Strong customer focus
  • Impressive communication and interpersonal skills.

Educational  Qualification


  • A diploma course in event management from Maria Institute of Events and Media in the year 2009.

Work Experience


Working as an event organizer in Creative Crafts Events since the year 2009 where job responsibilities include:

  • Training and advising the volunteers of the event.
  • Looking after the promotion and publicity of the events.
  • Designing the concept and theme of the events. Negotiating the services provided by the vendors.

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