Flight Attendant CV

A flight attendant also known as Air Cabin Crew ensures that all safety rules and regulations are observed by passengers. They answer queries, reassure and instruct passengers during emergencies. During the flight, they serve drinks, meals, reading materials and other items to make sure passengers are comfortable during their flights. Your flight attendant resume should reflect your ability to work with people.

Sample Flight Attendant Resume Template

Paul Seagal

22898 Brandly AV
Memphis, GA 56789
Phone: 566-202-1908
Cellular: 566-908-9087

Career Objective

With over 7 years hands on experience as an airline attendant seeking a similar position in the airline industry. To provide quality services to passengers and train new cabin crew attendants.

Work history

2000 – 2007: flight attendant at Flamingo Airlines


  • Checked and ascertained prior to passengers boarding the plane all supplies were available
  • Assisted passengers in locating their seats, queries on tickets or any concern of the boarding passengers
  • Demonstrated, prior to take off the proper use safety and emergency equipments to passengers
  • Answered passengers questions, served food and beverage and calmed and monitored upset or ill passengers
  • Ensured comfort of all on board including the flight professionals and pilot
  • Ensured all required information was documented
  • Made sure the airplane was clean at all times
  • Operated airplane systems like the doors and interphone

Educational Background:

1997-1999: Certificate in Air Cabin management (CACM)-Mountain Side School of Aviation.

1995-1996:    Certificate in German language-Migros Klub Schule.

1990-1994:    High school diploma-Hamilton State High School.


Flamingo conquerors Award of the year (2005-2006)

Hobbies and Interests

  • Music
  • Travelling
  • socializing

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