Hotel Chief Engineer CV

Hotel chief engineers are responsible for managing, maintaining and repairing of hotel equipments, tools or facilities. The primary duty of a hotel chief engineer is to ensure the smooth daily operation within the hotel by keeping the hotel facility up to date. Hotel chief engineers are required to give directions to the maintenance staff on small repairs or any sort of system malfunction.

They are required to plan and organize regular maintenance work without hampering the business. They should be able to identify any malfunction in the surrounding infrastructure and take measures to prevent or correct them.

They need to have hands on experience with installing and troubleshooting electrical switches, fixing pipes, operating boilers and repairing appliances. The list of skill sets to be possessed by the candidate for this job position must be well showcased in the hotel chief engineer CV, a sample of which is given below.

Sample Hotel Chief Engineer CV

Hotel Chief Engineer CV

Personal details :

Name: J.B Morrison

Sex : Male

Age : 27 years

Address: 2469, Russell Street

Phoenix Road, AZ 8472-6679

Telephone: (800)-606-1234

Email :

Profile :

I am a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in servicing, maintenance and repair work. I am a fast learner and capable of quickly developing practical solutions to problems and issues.

Education & Training :

Year Degree /Diploma Details University/College

1997-2000 Bachelor of Science in Physics St. Louis college, Florida

2000-2002 B.E in Maintenance and Equipments St. Mary International College, Tucson

Work Experience :

Job Period Job Position Name of Company/Organization

June 2002 – Feb 2011 Chief Assistant Engineer Hotel Marina, Seattle

April 2011 – Present B.E in Maintenance and Equipments St. Mary International College, NY

Skills :

1. I have good analytical and logical skills.

2. I have good problem solving skills.

3. I am a team worker.

4. I have hands on experience in repair and maintenance work.

Hobbies :

Cooking, Reading and Travelling.


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