Hotel Security Manager CV

The duty of a hotel security manager is to ensure that security is provided to the hotel guests, staff, hotel equipments and the hotel premise. A hotel security manager CV is an important document that an individual need to submit when applying for a job in the position of a hotel security manager.

It is necessary that the individual possesses knowledge in the field of security and safety and this knowledge needs to be highlighted in his CV along with other skills and specifications. The work experience of the individual in the hotel industry also needs to be mentioned. A sample hotel security manager CV is given below.

Sample Hotel security manager CV

Personal information:

Name: Jude Law

Residential address: 76 Fishing Way avenue, North City, Colorado 8909

Residential phone number: 34890

Mobile phone number: 43908

E mail id:

Date of birth: 6th of May 1985

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Job objective:

I am seeking a career in the position of a hotel security manager in a reputed hotel where I can make best use of my knowledge in the field of security.

Highlights of qualification:

  • Awareness about safety measures.
  • Good knowledge about various devices and equipments used for security
  • Proper understanding of security needs of a hotel
  • Ability to devise security policies and implement them
  • Possess basic knowledge in computer operations
  • Very careful in nature
  • Excellent observation skills

Work experience:

Currently working as a hotel security manager in Grand Hotels Limited since May 2008. My job duties include the following:

  • Ensuring that a proper security system in installed in the hotel
  • Recruiting security personnel
  • Providing security training to new joiners
  • Keeping track that all security devices are in proper working conditions
  • Devising new security policies for the hotel
  • Ensuring that security guards keep track of individual entering and leaving the hotel premise



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