Janitor CV

Job Summary

A Janitor is responsible for the general cleanliness and orderliness in an office building, hotel, apartment house or similar building. Janitors also tend air conditioners, furnaces and boilers to provide hot water for tenants, cool air and heat. His/her work involves sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming halls, staircases, offices and other designated areas.

Sample Janitor Resume

Jean Willis

783 Church Avenue, Geek Falls, CT 89303

Cell Phone: (636) 892 7932

Home Phone: (636) 783 7823

Email: jeanwilly@mymail.com

Career Objective

Seeking a career placement job in a grown institution to be a janitor, to get an opportunity to exercise the skills and knowledge I have gained in my seven years towards a cleaner and conducive environment.

Work Experience

2001 – 2008: Senior Janitor, S G Memorial Hospital, Geek Falls, CT

Job responsibilities

  • Regulating flow of fuel into automatic furnace or shovels coal into hand-fired furnace.
  • Emptying room, ward and office trash and garbage containers
  • Maintaining buildings, performing routine and minor plumbing, painting, electrical wiring and other related maintenance tasks using hand tools
  • Replacing filters in air conditioners
  • Informing and cautioning users and caretakers about disorderly conduct, excessive noise or misusing property
  • Notifying the hospital management concerning the need repairs or additions and major maintenance to the lighting, ventilation, heating and other systems
  • Cleaning debris and snow from sidewalks
  • Mowing lawns, trimming shrubs and cultivating flowers using hand and power tools
  • Posting signs to advertise vacancies and showing vacant houses to staff and other approved residents

Educational qualification

2000 – 2001: Certificate in hygiene and environmental etiquette, Apex community college, Apex, CA

1998:  High School Diploma, Apex community High School, Apex, CA

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