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The airline industry is very exciting and rewarding. Airline pilots fly passengers and cargo nationally and abroad. They are responsible for the safety of passengers, crew and the cargo aboard.  To get the attention of the interviewer a cover letter should be attached to your resume. The cover letter should be precise and concise showing your proficiency and experience.

Sample Pilot Resume Format

Anderson Claire

North Grandly 456

North Wilshire, England


Mobile: +44 5463 89097

Career Objective

Experienced Airline captain is seeking a similar position in Leeway Airlines. Willing to use gained experience as a commercial pilot to ensure passenger, crew and cargo safety.

Professional Experience

2001 – 2005: Airline Captain with City to City Airways


  • Examined the aircraft controls with the First officer
  • Liaised with the aircraft dispatcher by radio to permit taxiing, or moving the airplane to the runway
  • Reported on regular basis any problems to the air control stations by radio
  • In charge of all aircraft operation before and during the flight

1994 –2000: Airline pilot with Avery Airlines


  • Checked and ensured information regarding passengers, route, weather and aircraft was accurate
  • Supervised and ensured right amount of fuel intake and loading of cargo.
  • Checked and verified that all safety systems worked
  • Updated the cabin crew before and during the flight
  • Interpreted controls and instruments data
  • Communicated to passengers through the public address system
  • Did a report highlighting problems and incidences during the flight

Educational Background:

1992-1994: Commercial Flight Certificate of competence-Maryland School of Aviation

1988-1991: High School diploma-Griffins High school


1998-2002: Voted best pilot of the year at Avery Airlines

1996-1997: General Secretary of Pilot Association




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