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Restaurants seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Many people are going into the restaurant business since it has become safer to be self employed. The increase in restaurants means that there are more jobs within the industry. With the right qualifications you can apply to be a restaurant manager, receptionist, waiter, cook or cleaner. Some jobs do not require that you have extensive experience in the specific area such as waiters and cleaners. Like in the hotel industry effective communications skills and good people skills are usually the most important point that employers search for in your CV.

In order to come up with a winning restaurant CV identify the area you would like to work in and the area to which you would like to advance to in the restaurant. Demonstrate to the employer that you have the right skills for the job e.g. ability to take orders, an amiable character, social skills and communication skills if you are applying to be a waiter. You can do this through your precious work experience, volunteer experience or in your achievements section.

Sample Restaurant CVMichel Mandy


Place, State

Telephone No: 232 434 3 54

Mobile No: 343 43 443


Career Objective:

Waitress with three years of experience in the restaurant industry; seeking employment as a restaurant manager in a busy restaurant. Willing to start as a manager in newly opened restaurant. Will use educational background in management for the success of the restaurant. Believes effective communication and people skills gained while working as a waitress will be an asset to the restaurant.

Educational Background:

Diploma in Management- College of Hospitality- 2003 – 2004

Certificate in Information Technology- College of Hospitality- 2001 – 2002

Professional Experience:

2002 – 2003 Waitress at the Silver Inn


  • Took down order from guests
  • Served guests refreshments and meals
  • Entertained guests during evening meals as a member of the Silver Inn Bar Band
  • Assisted guests with problems relating to the restaurant or bar
  • Assisted the restaurant and bar manager in the balancing of the account books at the end of every working day
  • Was in charge of the opening and closing of the restaurant and bar
  • Head of the workers union of Silver Inn
  • Formed the link between the staff and the management of the Silver Inn
  • Organized for meetings and training sessions for the staff of the Silver Inn

Volunteer Experience:

2005 – 2007: Youth Counselor at the Trinity Church youth Crisis Center


  • Counseled youth
  • Organized youth events
  • Seeking employment for youth
  • Supervising youth on internship

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