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When writing a CV for a seaman it is important that your resume brings out the best requirements that are needed to get the job. A suitable resume should explore your skills, qualifications as well as the experience that one has. A good seaman’s vitae would look as follows.

Sample Seaman Resume Template

Geoff Hughes

12-20 Camomille Street

London, EC3A 7PT

Mobile: +44 (0)20 7623 8778

Career Objective

I am seeking the opportunity of working for a renowned company such as yours as an able seaman. I have the required and experience and skills to become the best you have seen.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2009: Able seaman for Cove sea Haulers.


  • Securing of the ship’s cargo.
  • Scaling, buffing and painting the ship’s structure.
  • Turning the wheel on the bridge.
  • Using if the emergency equipment as directed.
  • Measuring of the water’s depth.
  • Sweeping and washing of the deck.
  • Watching the bow and the wing of the bridge for any kind of obstruction.
  • Splicing the wires and the ropes
  • Running of the gears.
  • Launching and recovery of boats.
  • Maintaining of the lines.

2004 – 2005: Ordinary seaman for Cove sea Haulers.

Educational Background

2001 – 2004: BSc in Marine Transport at the Cardriff University London.


  • Rising the ranks from an ordinary seaman to an able seaman.
  • Being recruited to serve in the marine.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Deep sea diving.
  • Writing of short stories.
  • Drama.


The names of the referees shall be made available upon request by the organization

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