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A travel agent’s duties involve out sourcing possible travel destination areas for clients through the agency. This could be domestic or international tour. Bottom line is that your vitae should show that you have the acceptable requirements to hold the job. Let the resource manager see that you have much to offer the company. An ideal resume would be as below.

Sample Travel Agent Resume Template

Titus Maw

25 Holloway Road

Illinois, Chicago

Mobile: +44 (0)20 5303 4569

Career Objective

To put to good use the skills I have acquired to raise the company’s standards.

Professional Experience

I have been a diligent, innovate and result oriented leader while I worked for your company, and I wish to reapply for the position of a travel agent, after expiry of my 4-year tenure. I believe that my ideas will still be of benefit to your company.


  • Communicate with the client regard their expectations.
  • Having large networks to ensure that the clients get the best deals available.
  • Making the required provisions for the client.
  • Keep records of expenditures and collect the payments.
  • Ensure that you get the pre-eminent deals for your client.
  • Ensure that the customer is aware of the bookings and the date of travel.
  • Issue the client with the required documentation. E.g. airplane tickets, passports, and their vaccination charts.

Educational Background

2003 – 2005: BSc degree in Commerce at the University of Chicago.


  • Joining the Hilton chain of hotels as their travel agent.
  • Athlete of the year award 2007.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Creating recipes and trying them out.
  • Reading any kind of literature.
  • Playing blackjack and scrabble.


The names of the referees shall be made available upon request by the organization.

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