HR Administrator CV

A HR administrator CV should show that you are a seasoned and experienced person. It should also show your field of expertise, how your career has progressed and major achievements that you have had. You also need to illustrate that you have broad range of skills. Show evidence that you have successfully managed a group of people before. 

HR Administrator CV Sample

Tom Watson

St Leonards, 746


Telephone: 746 450 0327

Mobile: 727 903 4893 


Exceptional human resource skill with emphasis to employee recruitment, screening, evaluation and benefit packages. 


2003-2005: Masters in Human Resource Management 

2001-2003:  Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Liverpool John Moore University 


2006: Human Resource Manager, Data HQ


  • Administration and managing of 1000 employees
  • Screening, hiring, and terminating employees
  • Organizing and drawing up employment contracts and pay benefits for employees.
  • Handling conflicts between employees and management
  • Initializing and processing compensation for disabled, dismissed and retired workers
  • Working with other departments to ensure smooth running of the company such as the finance department in preparing budgets and financial reports

2007: Human Resource Consultant   


Project Management for hiring employees and developing business plans

  • Organized and initiated human resource
  • Developing re-engineering programs and employee transformation programs
  • Analyzing benefits of workers and asking for better working conditions
  • Proposal writing and facilitation of employer- employee relations
  • Operating corporate functions and events for employees and team building
  • Improving the corporate culture for employees and improving administration of the company


  • Won and handled contracts worth $100,000 on employee hiring, retention, training and managing programs which are carried out throughout Europe
  • Helped in improving employee turn over rates by more than 50% in various companies
  • Carrying out public education drives throughout UK on employee polices and rights

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