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When you are looking for placement as a HR Consultant, you to need to show in your CV that you have more than technical expertise for the job. As a consultant, you need to communicate the idea that you are an analytical individual who is very conversant with HR. During recruitment, show that you have good interpersonal skills. You also need to show a good track record. Give examples of projects you have undertaken from beginning to end and organizations you have worked with. 

Sample HR Consultant CV

Mary Kate Price 

Infirmary Road 

South Yorkshire S10 D 45 

Mobile Number 0114 5467 93742 

Telephone Number 44 748 647 7373 


Career Objective

Serve as a lead expert in organizational change, workforce transformation and management, helping employees adapt to internal organizational processes and external environment, working within the budget and given time frame.

Educational Background

2004:  Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Canterbury College

2000-2003 Bsc. in Psychology, Birmingham City University

Professional Experience

2005- Trainee Human Resource Manager at Langsett Holdings


  • Designed and led in organizational restructuring
  • Changed organizational policies and regulations
  • Led in conducting operational change of activities
  • Came up with a transition and motivation program for employees
  • Managing a staff of 250 with a budget of $90, 000

2006-2007: Human Resource Consultant at Nile International Inc.


  • Coming up with recruitment policies and regulations during Organizational Restructuring
  • Implemented new staff training programs that taught new technology and working methods to employees
  • Came up with a compensation packages that matched the changed job description for employees.
  • Presented staff progress reports to board members on a monthly basis


  • Came up with a winning corporate structure for Nile International Inc.
  • Successfully introduced and implemented new operating systems for the HR department for effective staff control such as NT4 Servers Novell Netware

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