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Human resource CVs are vital documents for those applying for jobs in the human resources sector. Given the growing stature of human resource jobs you can expect employers to pay a keen attention to your CV. Whether you are a college student applying for your first job/internship or an experienced professional you will find that seeking and putting into practice as many tips on preparing humanresource CVsuseful in your search for your dream job. Since you are going to be in charge of the most important asset of any organization, the work force, you can expect employers to look at your CV more keenly.

Some of thejobsthat will require a Human resource CVare human resource director, training manager, personnel manager, human resource consultant, human resource assistant, compensation manager, personnel assistant manager, human resource clerk, human resource analyst, employee benefits coordinator, annuity director, learning manager, human resource trainee, management trainee and student intern.

Using certain action words in your CV that are related to the job description of careers in human resource shows therecruiterthat you have good background knowledge of thejobfor which you are applying and will increase the chances of you being called back for an interview. These words may include: coordinated, restructured, trained, managed, implemented, motivated, achieved, generated, proposed, recommended, opened,  streamlined,  improved, improved, supervised, oversaw and many more words.

Sample Human resource CV format

Name: Collins Hallowell

Address: P.O BOX 454646 New York


Tel: 243536456

Cell phone: 234535468

Career Objective:

To work in a dynamic corporate environment in order to ensure optimum use of human capital for the benefit of the organization.

Educational Qualification:

Academic Qualification:

-Executive Master of Business Administration (June 2004) from the Wharton Business school.

-Master of Business Administration (June 2001) from the Yale school of Management.

-Bachelors Degree in Sociology (June 1997) from Brown university.

Professional Qualification

-Certified by HRAC


2004 to date: Personnel assistant manager at Unilever plc.


-Managing employee records and advising employees on their career progression.

-Moderating compensation packages for employees to make sure that talent and hard work are rewarded.

-Orientation of new employees.

2001-2003: Human resources clerk at Vodafone plc.


-Keeping updating employee records.

-Orientation of new employees.


-Reduced employee turnover at Unilever Plc due to proper compensation and reward schemes initiated which led to proper talent recognition and motivation among the employees.

-Re-organized the employee record keeping system at Vodafone plc by computerization of the records and outsourcing of non-essential work in the department to India.

-Graduated in the 95thpercentile in the undergraduate class at Brown University.

-Rhode Scholarship holder

-Undergraduate student union vice-chairman in my college junior Year.

-Chairman of HR club at Yale.

-Best employee award from Unilever Plc.

Human resource cv


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