Recruitment CV

Recruiters need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge in the field that the organization they are applying to deals with. A recruiter CV should reflect an extensive period of working experience in the field. The recruiter CV should also show that you have analytical skills as well as good communication skills.   

In some cases employers will seek to employ recruiters with no experience or knowledge in the field they deal with. Mentioning experience that allowed you to develop skills that are transferable to the recruiting field such as problem solving, innovation and good research skills will be of interest to such employers.    

Sample Recruitment CV 

George Davidson 

Home Phone: 

Address: (1621) 456 789 789 

Tel: +44 7658 8900 


Martin has over 20 years experience in HR/Recruitment managing various agencies in the UK. 

His experience also covers sales and marketing within the recruitment industry both locally and internationally with the major part of his time in the 90’s traveling the West coast of Africa developing business with major operators and contractors. He has also worked in various disciplines and in different capacities. Below is a summary.  

Experience classification 

Progressive 15 years as a Human Resource Manger 

20 years as a recruiter 

10 years as an Administrator 

Personal Details 

Year of Birth-    1960 

Contact Address-   # California 

Permanent Location- Ontario 

Languages- English, French, Spanish 

Nationality by Birth- UK 

Work Experience 

Name: Pan Africa International 

Job Title: Recruitment Manager 

Duration: 2005 to date 


  • Recruiting 6 employees every 5 months
  • Supervising the new employees and making sure they work as desired
  • Making sure company goals are being met
  • Searching for experienced persons in other companies and luring them to join the company
  • Working closely with other managers to make sure clients are satisfied
  • Recruiting personnel to work in other sister companies located around the country
  • Recruiting 2 more managers to help with the work load
  • Seeing to it that employees are paid in a timely manner
  • Making sure company revenue increases as the number of employees increases too.

Educational Qualifications  

Qualification: Degree in Social Sciences 


Qualification:  HNC/ONC/Certificate 

University/College: Aberdeen Tech College   

Other Qualifications, Memberships, Certification  

Chartered Institute of Marketing 

Chartered Manager Institute 

Computer Skills and Software Used 

MS Office, SQL database 

Work Locations  

Preferred work location is in the UK 


Earliest Start Date (Given 3 weeks notice) 

Required Salary & Conditions 


Comments/ Hobbies/ Interests etc: 

  • Keeping fit 
  • Motorcycling 
  • Photography
  • Playing the saxophone

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