Archaeological Conservator CV

Archaeological conservators are specialists in comprehending processes of corrosion and decay in a broad variety of substances. They have a good understanding of how to care for such decayed substances. The CV includes details of job objective and work experience along with academic background.

Sample Archaeological Conservator CV

Richard Louis

32 New Roads

New York


Phone number- 22223456

Fax number- 022 9876 6789


Mobile- 9876567898

Educational background

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of Archaeological Conservation from Duke University, 2000
  • Master of Archaeological Conservation from Boston University, Boston, 2002

I have computer related knowledge of MS Word, power point, excel, access and the internet.

Career skills

  • I am a highly skilled and experienced expert with the skills and understanding to consider the needs of any specific artefact or compilation.
  • I can execute a conservation plan within a firm code of preparation and to a high paradigm.

   I can protect objects from additional deterioration, harm and loss and try to restore     them back to their original form.

  • I can  evaluate possible explanations and remedies for care of such objects

Work experience

I was an archaeological conservator in the Museum Of Natural History, New York from 2002 onwards and my responsibilities were to:

  • Clean, stabilise, record, investigate, identify and document objects of interest.

    Write conservation plans, which are priceless as a base for grant-aid demands;

    Provide advice and supervision on packaging and storage space requests;

  • Apply relevant methods and processes, e.g. , x-radiography;

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