Archivist CV

An archivist assesses and edits permanent documents and historically precious documents, contributes in research activities based on archival matters, and guides the safekeeping of collected documents and things. The CV of such a person should have his academic details along with details of his work experience and career skills.

Sample Archivist CV

Richard Malcolm

32 New Jersey Street

New Jersey


Phone number- 9876543456


Educational Background

  • I have a degree in Master of arts from New York University, New York , 2000
  • I have a degree in  Bachelor of Arts from the Duke University, New York ,2002
  • I possess computer related skills since I am proficient in MS Word, excel, power point, access as well as the internet.

Obtained Accomplishments

I was awarded ‘Alumni Honour of admiration by Duke University in 2004 for my outstanding commitment and dedication to my work as well as my sincerity in my profession.

Professional Background

2009 – Present date: I worked as an archivist in New York University, New York. My job was to:-

  • Provide essential measures to work out the standard workings of campus archives in a good way.
  • Provide needed operation measures for categorising transfer services.
  • Provide brilliant and accurate system for documenting the academia records.

2003 – 2005: I was the chief of the Duke Library Scientific Service board, Texas with the subsequent tasks to perform. :-

  • I planned and implemented adequate schemes for the organization of the library catalogue revision as well as maintenance.


Will be provided on request.

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