Career Information Officer CV

A career information officer is someone who offers advice and counselling on a person’s career. He is well aware of all sorts of details pertaining to different career options and decides what is right for a particular person’s career. His CV must contain all the information regarding his academic background as well as his career skills and career experience.

Sample Career Information Officer CV

Richard Banks

32 New Road Highway

New Jersey


Mobile number- 9876543456

Email –

Fax number – 022 7654 4567

Phone number – 4325 6788

Educational background

  • I have a degree in bachelor of education from New York college of arts, 2000
  • I am well versed in computer related works like MS word, power point, excel, access as well as the internet.

Work experience

I used to work in Dame youth centre from 2002 onwards as career information officer. My job included:-

  • Providing information to clients regarding various career options
  • Keeping up to date knowledge of emerging careers
  • Advising clients about particular careers based on their capabilities as well as giving out information about the scope of various careers.
  • Keeping a detailed knowledge and familiarity of different careers as well as their objectives and job responsibilities along with the education required to opt for the same.

Career skills

My career skills include:-

  • The ability to handle the client’s enquiries and come up with the appropriate information.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Keeping myself updated on the current trends of various careers.

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