Genealogist CV

A genealogist conducts investigation into genealogical past of an individual or family in order to ascertain his/her descent from exact ancestor or to determine and identify the forefathers of that individual or family. The CV of genealogist contains details of his academic qualifications as well as work experience and definitely his career skills.

Sample Genealogist CV

Ross Geller

32 New Shire roads

New York


Fax Number- 022 3456 7898

Phone number- 23456789

Mobile number- 9876543456

Email id –

Academic background

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor Of Arts With Genealogy as my major from Duke College, USA, 2000
  • Master Of Arts with Genealogy as my major from Boston University, USA, 2002

Career skills

  • I use oral customs, historical evidences, genetic examination, and other testimony to obtain knowledge about a family and to reveal their relationship and pedigrees of its relatives.
  • I can prepare charts and diagrams to vividly display the result and bring out my inference.

Work experience

I had worked as a genealogist in National genealogy centre, Texas from 2004 to the present time and had to:-

  • Look up American and overseas genealogical tables and journals and documents, like church and court records, for confirmation of births, initiations, marriages, expirations, and inheritances in order to outline ancestry or succession of the particular individual/family.
  • Construct charts demonstrating lines of ancestry and family relations.
  • Prepare the past of the family in narrative manner or create brief sketches highlighting points of importance in a family background.


Will be provided upon request.

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