Heritage Interpreter CV

Heritage interpreter is the person who communicates information about or gives explanation of the origin, nature and the purpose of a historical or cultural resources, object and site. Hence the CV must highlight all the qualities of a candidate applying for the job of heritage interpreter

Sample Heritage Interpreter CV

Jay Kirkwood

49/B Lindsay Street

West Virginia

Email: KrikwoodJay@gmail.com

Career Objective:

I want to get associated with such a company through which I could exercise my skills as heritage interpreter at the best. I have strong intention to explore those historical resources which would help us to understand our past in a better way.

Educational Qualification:


2004: Research on Central Asia Heritage, University of Texas

2003: Masters in Heritage conservation, University of Virginia

2001: Bachelors of Arts in History, University of Virginia

Professional Qualification:

2004 – 2007: Associated with the Heritage and arts company as assistant Heritage Interpreter.

2007 – 2008: Associated with imperial heritage company as Heritage interpreter.

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in handling a team of workers and even assisting senior heritage interpreter.
  • Capable of making onsite report of any historical or cultural site, object and resources.
  • Strong in interacting with any kind of people and gathering information about their ancestors.
  • Thorough with various history and have strong knowledge about the current ongoing historical innovations.
  • Efficient in communicating and explaining about any kind of ongoing or existing

heritage work, resources, site and objects.


  • First class degree in Graduation from the class of 2001, University of Virginia.
  • Received the best 10 heritage research scholar certificate, University of Texas.

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