Historical Researcher CV

Historical researcher is the person who researches on historical resources to acquire knowledge about various aspects of past. They provide specialize research services for an individual or organization. Hence a candidate applying for the position of historical researcher should mention all the essential qualities.

Sample Historical Researcher CV

Trecy Lewis

24/Houton bay

New island, USA-688

Phone number: 7879089

Email id- Lewistrecy @hotmail.com

Career Objective:


With my experience of over 5years as a historical researcher I want to serve an organization which has same objective of exploring history like mine.

Educational Qualification:

2008: Research on “Medieval History”, University of Alaska

2007: Masters in History and Historical conservation, University of Alaska

2005: Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Alaska.

2006: Completed Internship of six months at St Joseph Museum on Natural History

2007: Completed Internship of eight months at New Island State Historical Society.

Professional Qualification:


2009: Was assisting the renowned historical researcher Rick Louis on his new research on “American History and arts”.

Career Skills:


  • Efficient in advising and suggesting the clients regarding the nature of the research.
  • Proficient in collecting historical data, documents and detail source material through archival search.
  • Efficient in gathering information from the findings and writing research papers on it.
  • Efficient in handling any kind of historical research projects.




  • Received best research scholar award on writing historical research papers on 2008, University of Alaska.
  • Received an appreciation certificate from Rick Louis for assisting him on his new research on “ American History and Arts”

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