Language Interpreter CV

The job of a language interpreter mainly includes giving assistance to non-English speaking parties. It also includes providing a wide range of interpretation activities for court personnel and the public. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a language interpreter and these qualities must be highlighted in the CV.

Sample Language Interpreter CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Van de Cell Graff

AGE- 30

ADDRESS- 56B-2 Silver Springdale villas, Times Square New York-67

PHONE NUMBER- 457894367

MOBILE NUMBER- 9556811423


Languages Known: English, Spanish, German, and French.

Career Objective:

As a language interpreter, I would make conversation with foreign countries easier for people of my country. This would help to increase connectivity between people of different countries. It would also help people recognize the traditions, customs and linguistic styles of different countries, hence improving trade and other commercial ventures, both for the government and the people.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in Linguistic studies, Yorkshire University.

2008- Masters in translation, interpretation and association of arts, Keel University.

2006- Bachelor of arts in public relations with minor in psychology, Lest University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a court interpreter for the Superior Court of New York, translating Spanish to American English. This included interpretation for the judges, attorney, court staff and other related departments at the order of the court.

2)   Worked as the chief language interpreter in the Chicago state court.

3)   Worked in Z Corporation as the chief language interpreter.




1)   Gold medalist in linguistic studies in year 2009.

2)   Became the first Certified Spanish Court Interpreter in the Chicago state court in year 2008.


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