Museum Education Officer CV

Museum education officers work in museums to ensure visitors and children get best educational experience from their visit. A museum education officer has to be informative and must have sound knowledge of various things kept at museum. Therefore, the CV of the candidate applying for this position must highlight all his or her skills and knowledge.

Sample Museum Education Officer CV

Fred G. Peterson

45B, Houston Bay

California- 89

Phone Number: 6789789

Email Id: fredpeterson @

Career Objective:

I want to get associated with such a museum where I can best exercise my skills and knowledge in educating people about various things.

Educational Qualification:


2003: Masters in museum studies, University of California

2001: Bachelor of Arts in Museum studies, University of California

2002: Vocational degree in Museum conservation and education, Great Ford Museum.

Professional Experience:

2004-2008- I was associated with California State Museum as an assistant museum education officer.


  • Develop education and learning strategies inorder to meet the aim of the museum.
  • Worked with other museum staffs in team in order to build up an effective museum awareness team to create enormous awareness about museum objects.
  • Reach out to various international visitors to make them understand about the fact and essence related to museum objects.
  • Coordinating an educational team for hosting various educational workshops which inturn has benefited many research students across the globe.
  • Promoting various museum related education among school and college students during their visit at museum.
  • Promoting educations related to museum in innovative ways like story telling.

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