Museum Exhibition Officer CV

The work of a museum exhibition officer mainly includes marketing, buying and maintaining the traveling or permanent exhibitions. A museum exhibition officer’s job mainly includes working with professionals involved in logistics and public relations. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of a museum exhibition officer.

Sample Museum Exhibition Officer CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- George Levy

AGE- 26

ADDRESS- 34-1 Leslie villas, Dior ego Planes Florida-76

PHONE NUMBER- 5558966317

MOBILE NUMBER- 5893362147


Career Objective:

As a museum exhibition officer I want to draw up newer budget plans for exhibition and plan coordination between subject specialists and designers. My work will involve planning proper exhibition strategies with curators and monitoring the production and installation schedule deadlines. An extension of my work would also include researching artists and selecting authentic work.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in Museum studies and maintenance of archives, Razell University

2005- Masters in archive and museum studies with specialization in spatial design, Land University

2003- Bachelors in Archaeological studies with specialization in art conservation, Polltup University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a junior designer in ‘The Verveisens’ in year 2006.

2)   Assisted Mr. Fields in Spatial designing of ‘The Sensation’ gallery.

3)   Worked with Mr. Tom Paul in the research regarding History of art in year 2009.

4)   Worked as a museum education officer in ‘The American Museum’ in year 2006.


1)           Became youngest member of the Museum, Library And Archive Council(MLA)

2)           Gold Medalist in archive and museum studies.

3)           Gold Medalist in Archaeological studies.

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